About Sister MorningStar

I was 12 years old when I started my first wimyn’s study group. It seemed to me that wimyn needed to get together to talk about what was going in their lives and what was going on in their hearts. It seemed to me, even as a young budding female, that wimyn’s issues were important and that we often died spiritually long before our bodies died. I began to notice how closely the body and mind and soul were interconnected and that healing and peace and happiness came first to the spirit and left there first as well. That the body followed where the spirit led. I noticed also that wimyn in isolation were trapped, scared, sad, depressed and hopeless not so much in their outer circumstances but within. All that seemed to change when they could be with other wimyn and begin to talk openly.

“Always there is a story,” say the native elders and healers. There is indeed a long and beautiful story between those early awareness’s and the now full life I enjoy as a Catholic Mystic, Cherokee Hermitess, Founder of MorningStar Community and Order of Morning Star Sisters and MorningStar Yoga, Owner of Shanti Publications and co-owner of Soul Blossom, lifetime volunteer for C.A.S.A, while being a mother, midwife, and visionary sojourner with you.

The path I took to seek the fullest expression of my divine nature was the path of instinctual living. It led me back into the simple and sacred ways of my Cherokee ancestors and it led me forward into preserving those wisdom ways through ritual, story telling and community building with others longing to rebirth their own instinctual nature.

Together we are creating a one world family and I welcome you. In the Global Village, everyone belongs.

What one womyn can do, all wimyn can do.



Sister MorningStar
22 Blue Jay Road
Kaiser, MO