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Power of Wimyn Intensive


Power of Wimyn 


The Power of Wimyn Intensive 2023 is a gathering dear to my heart. Like Village Prenatals, it has become a necessary pillar in the preservation of the village midwife.

September 21-24 (arrival 20)! If you plan to be in this unique circle of inspiration, education and intimate transformation as a sacred womyn healer from first to last breaths and perhaps a foot on the priestess path, confirm your reservation here and now.

What: Power of Wimyn Intensive 2023
Theme: Preserving the Village Midwife
Date: September 21-25, 2023 (Travelers arrive September 20. Folks wishing to help set up, arrive even earlier)
Cost: $500.00 Canadian/$750 USA
Lodging: tents, nearby air bnb, hermitage space
Disclosures: We will be living out of doors, outdoor kitchen, outdoor toilet, home rules on the website under the "spiritual retreat" tab

Topics: to be expanded. Most sessions that are hands on will be in daylight hours. Other topics will be around the fire circle.
The pillars of Power and Truth
Honoring the first mother
Blood Loss
Diapering as the first sexual experience
Radiant Aging
Sacred Last breaths - Stillbirths, elders, anointing oils and     rituals, the death breath, navigating the physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and legal realities
Primate movement
Palpation skills
Physical and Neurological assessment
Initial interviews
Navigating communication breakdown
Beyond Post partum
Transhumanism - the future of techno/human intersection
Language - Ancient and Modern
Self Care - sound bath, massage
Informative touch
Prolapse - relapse - collapse - pendulous abdomens and weak tissue
Limitations and capacities
Preserving your queendom while serving the world
The Queen and her inner court
Priestess Path
Case Studies


If you hear the call, don’t hold back. We are a herd, a pack, a small gang, a tribe. If you feel you belong, you do. If you wish you did, come running. Gathering never meant so much. Pack the bundles and the coolers and …

Feed your village Soul! Come running! POW Intensive 2023 only happens once…

Content will be recorded for global sharing and future generations,

If you have any questions, please write me or contact me via text. I also want to add that there will be a guest speaker each day as well as VP on Sunday September 24 from 10-3. If you have interest in either one, please contact me.



Devotedly, Sister MorningStar

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