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Cotton pads
  • Cotton pads


    13 Soft, handmade, flannel and cotton wimyn-cloth pads for the many cycles in a womyn's life. Perfect for moon flow or extra protection whenever needed. Winged pad with velcro attachment and insert options for heavier days. Perfect for postpartum mothers too! Earth friendly. Superior for feminine hygiene and health. Signature design and made to order. Draw string bag included.  Allow 6-8 weeks.


    "I love the way they feel, that they are natural fibers next to my delicate skin and the fact that I can reuse them. But most importantly, I love the fact that nothing is pulling my "lady parts" down and out when I want them to hold integrity up and in!"


      If something is broken or lost, contact MorningStar, and we will happily replace.  


      For any other issues you may email MorningStar to discuss.


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