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Power Of Women

Dear Sister (Sandra),

Words cannot express how moved I was to have found your book on my daughter, Julia’s, family bookshelf recently! I was helping her after the homebirth (her 6th!) of our 12th grandchild, Franklin. I passed along The Power of Women before our first grandson was born - he is my husband’s namesake! She has lent it to her sisters (all homebirths!) over the years and insisted that I reread and share once again. Shining MorningStar, you write of women’s highest joys and deepest sorrows with a pure and loving heart; your book is both an encouraging guide and a balm to broken hearts, including those of your sister midwives. Thank God for your dedication!

After reluctantly finishing my rereading, I have been praying for you everyday. Your eon of devotion to sharing and teaching midwifery and care for mothers and babies is an inspiration and divulges God’s precious love for his daughters! May you keep up your courage!

Kindly allow me to share, in a nutshell (pun definitely fitting here ;-), your influence upon me, hence my family and small sphere of influence?

I met you after the natural but hospital birth of our eldest daughter, Emily, at Beth Gold’s home in St. Charles. I was blessed by your edifying presence and was greatly influenced by your wisdom. Your strength around trusting your feminine intuition allowed me to relax and enjoy mothering to the fullest. Hazel Ness (Young) was our pastor’s wife and delivered our second daughter, Julia, at home. (Hazel and a couple of her daughters and a new grandbaby, attended Julia’s wedding in Issaquah, Washington, our present family home. We moved from St. Charles for my husband’s job almost 20 years ago.) I especially remember your example of tenderly mothering your dear daughters! (How I would love to hear how they are doing!) Our children were home-educated with precious freedom and immersion in nature; I read this section from your website aloud to my husband, who appreciated your precise verbs immensely :-): Children have the drive to pursue life with vigor...they will sneak out, climb out, burrow out, buddy up, leave home, leave town to seek freedom. Our youngest daughter, Madeleine (19), just returned from the 500 mile Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in Spain ;~). She is an adored auntie, artist, poet, writer, designer/seamstress, and harpist. Also, interested in herbalism, I have guided her to your Soul Blossom page for further inspiration! (I’ll spare you from a litany of our other dearies just now, but Bruce and I are deeply honored by all of them, their spouses, and our grandchildren.)

I became a yoga instructor - not knowing about that aspect of your life - over a decade ago and have been blessed to teach many prenatal and mama and baby classes over the years. Several of my mamas have experienced homebirths. (There are only a couple of real midwives in the Seattle area.) So, presently, I will begin sharing blessed stories from your book!

I am looking forward to receiving your healing balm in a jar! What a magical, ennobling life and space you have created on your Holyland! Love, blessings, and honor upon you!

God’s Perfect Peace,


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