The Feast of St. Nick

December 6, 2018



The Mystical life of Advent


I love the word Advent. It is short for sacred adventure and the setting out to find something meaningful only to find out that the journey was the most life altering and long lasting gift. I love to make pilgrimages to sacred spaces and sacred peoples. The holy days are like that. People all over the world travel to embrace someone or someplace familiar; only to find that everything has changed and most of all themselves.


I have so many passions. I changed so much this year. I let many things go and I looked into my deep desires and birthed new circles, new friendships, new projects, new articles, new gardens, new skills in knitting, chanting, Sanskrit, Cherokee and ritual. I deepened my commitment to family, my spiritual teachers, my community, my country, my tribe and my self care. In fact, I have a new mantra: Self Care is my new Health Care. I blessed new life and held space for the dying. The child you see here is the son of an American mother who longed to learn some of the newborn imprinting traditions I brought home from my deep reverence for the  sacred feminine wisdom ways of global healers. She did learn and along with her great love you see the unique peace in her water born son.



2018 was the quarter century anniversary for MorningStar Community. After several years of international travel, I stayed closer to home and oh how we celebrated! We have expanded gardens, new fire circles, a majestic Totem Pole for the  burial grounds, a new floor in Casita and stronger bodies. We have a new website, village prenatals, village midwife circles, wimyn’s retreats, maidens at the well, blue moons and lucid minds. We have global contacts, international intensives, empowerment awards, tea time talks for a brighter world and cleaner spirits.



The community has never been stronger. The Holyland has never been more glorious. If your soul is in need of refinement, refreshment or restoration, consider a pilgrimage here in 2019 or visit to join in our holywork that touches lives locally and globally. May we each do some measure of good this day. For our own souls and for the world in which we find ourselves.




The Snow has blanketed the Holyland early this year. Pristine beauty reflects the sun by day and the moon by night. The naked trees and thick coated deer come to the edge of the creek whose chilly waters match the refreshed air. Winter in the Ozarks. Winter Birds. Winter chores. Winter evenings with wood fires and cups of tea and time to knit. Time to knit pieces and peace back into one’s heart and soul from the year’s unfoldings and sometimes unravellings. Whatever kind of year you had, I hope one day to hear the story of your life.


Reach out to someone within your reach. We are in this great adventure together. I will feel you.  Feel me.                                                                                                                       

Blessed Be. Blessed Do. Sister MorningStar

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