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Dear Sister!

Thank you much for coming up in my life. My life has been divided into “before” and “after” since then. And I live slow for already six months. One more news I’m pregnant! This July I’m going to meet my third bear cub. I feel myself so comfortable as never before. I don’t do anything: not visiting doctors and hospitals and other disturbing things. Just forest, love, sea and good food. Thanks for that I’ve got so much free time and with husband we started sacred women’s store. We are gathering products for yoni power and wellness there and everything that helps woman to feel her as goddess. And you know I found your online store and saw hygienic pads there. Maybe we can do something together? And also I’m inspired with your book “The Power of Women” so much that I’d like to translate to make Ukrainian women inspired as much as me. Or maybe you can send a few copies of it in English? Or do you have something else cute? I want so much to have like “piece of Sister MorningStar” here in Ukraine!

I dream of meeting you at least once more and maybe here in Ukraine.

Warmly, Slava.

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