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The Land of the Living

The Land of the Living

Wearing the last ringlet of White Deer as an adornment of power in my priestess cape, we gathered in the burial grounds to set more things right.

We, the monastic tribe and Bear council and other volunteers built sacred fire in the snow. We cut wood for the wimyns’ equinox and solstice retreats. We cleaned and cleared acres of land that looked like a war zone from the recent storm. We talked about how to clean our spirits from the debris of our own survived emotional and spiritual battles.

We spoke of how to tend to the dead and preserve sacred last breaths as we took breaks and sat in the Bear Council circle. We tossed in prayers for the living and the dead. We thanked the ancestors and the nature spirits for their protection.

We feasted at night and worked by day. Three days of devotion to our burial grounds. The ice and snow melted and we succeeded and completed a controlled burn in the area of the woods we had reclaimed. See us as tree fairies among the ash! Whispering our laughter and breathing in their strength!

We turned to ash the remnants of holyland garlic leaves. The sacred ash will serve us on Ash Wednesday as we prepare to make the Lenten journey from death to life. From winter to spring. From the underworld to the celestial rapture of conquering that which threatened the brilliance of our souls. From star dust to star dust again.

Behold! Here we stand in the Land of the Living! Raise your hands and lift your voice each night under the moon with me! Our howl is heard around the world. It connects and keeps the sisterhood soul alive! The soul that makes every other good and great thing possible.

One hand touching the ground. One hand touching the sky.


✨Mother MorningStar ✨


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