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Last Braid

Last Braid

20 years ago my very best friend in all the world and an artist created a headdress for me that contained one strand of my long braided hair and adornments and beads she made herself. I have worn it in sacred priestess ceremonies as high priestess and wise elder crone. If a sister soul is in need of such energy and the timing is right, I place it on her head. I hand her the talking stick for speaking her truth while we sit at her feet and listen. Ritual helps.

After mother’s last breath, I braided her last braid. From that one braid my VBFIATW made three braids and attached them to the priestess headdress. Three in honor of us three strong stone daughters of White Deer. Three braids in honor of my three daughters, grand daughters of White Deer. Three in honor of maiden, mother, crone. Three in honor of the great Trinity Mystery. Three to honor the preservation of the sacred feminine wisdom ways.

Here the headdress rests on my heirloom mirror restored by my grandfather with one arm.

What one elder can do, all elders can do. The making of a wise elder doesn’t begin in elderhood. It begins now. Feel me reaching out my soul to believe in you. Practice braiding. One day you may need the skill. And many things. And everything.

One hand touching the ground and the other the sky

Mother Morningstar


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