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NewBorn First Breaths

NewBorn First Breaths Information in Greek

It was my great honor in 2020 to teach NewBorn First Breaths in Athens to a coalition from Greece, Turkey and Germany. In 2022 I also had the pleasure of speaking of NFB with Emilee Saldaya of the Free Birth Society in a podcast. That podcast link is below. My dear friends in Athens used that content and translated it to help with their Birth Education and Advocacy endeavors this year 2023. Each night under the stars I send up a howl for the global sisterhood. Look how we are holding it all together for the preservation of sacred first and last breaths. May the Queens keep the thrones…and the birth rooms.

Innerview to NFB podcast with Emilee Saldaya

PDF Greek Translation by Euangelia Philippaki

NFB - Greek transl.
Download PDF • 161KB


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