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Wild Wimyn on their Throne

It happened again! It was amazing and magnificent! A Quarter Century of wimyn gathering on the Holyland living instinctually, bonding a sisterhood, building a global community, passing on wisdom through ritual and story telling. Celebrating the SOLSTICE! Like wimyn have from perhaps the dawn of time. A solstice stone altar has been placed - WHAT A STORY! Soul Many Stories!

Prayer flags of 25 years of quotes and more to come! Queenly new Elimination Station. New outdoor kitchen tent. Waves of new prayer flags. Magical Grounds. Powerful wimyn. Below is a little photo and word medicine story for you to read.

Wimyn’s circles are the point of light that starts an unstoppable spiral of energy that preserves the sacred feminine and all she touches. Find one. Start one. Feed one. Celebrate one. Visit the Guide to Wimyn's Circles on the website to get inspiration!

We did. We do. And look at the Magic that comes from that!!!

Sisters gathering to shift something…something new…something else…something that preserves the instinctual self…

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