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Village Midwife Study Circle

The Village Midwife Study Circle has received much response both here in my own country and locally and globally. I am honored to serve my global community but I had it in my heart to offer something here in my own land and for those who could make the journey to my own little cottage in the woods. Living off the grid makes it impossible for me to open this to an on line community but I am enthusiastic and inspired to welcome a stellar sisterhood on the Holyland to embrace the rich study and life of a Village Midwife.

Below is an example of a response I receive from an applicant to my question, “What interests you in this study?”

"I am attracted to the Village Midwife Study Circle because I have long resonated with the wisdom and clarity that you hold out around pregnancy, birth, mothering, growing ourselves, caring for ourselves, our children, the mothers among us, and all the becoming and transformation involved in all of those practices and processes. After ten years of attending births in many different roles and capacities, as well as sampling midwifery school, I have come to recognize a great hunger. It is a hunger for company as I navigate being asked to attend mothers in their year(s) of great transformation into motherhood, as a midwife especially. It is putting the mother in the center of her own experience, uplifting her, that is most important to me and why I ever began on this path. In a world of increasing professionalization, focus on the midwife as central, and movements towards integrating *more* into the "healthcare" system, I need this core motivation and understanding to be fed, nourished, and upheld in me as I respond to the call that keeps a'comin. I need word medicine, soul medicine, to grow myself, to gather skills, to hone my own senses, to feel the support and legitimization of my belief in the powers of women and mothers, to deepen my well of calm and nourishment, to strengthen the gravity of what I know to be true in a world that seeks to ignore, deny, and continue to violate and destroy what is sacred.” sister birthkeeper

For questions or to make an application to participate in the Village Midwife Study Circle, meeting first and third Sundays from 2-4 beginning November 4, please write:

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