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Trail of Tears - Day 4

We rise early. It is cold and there is a light mist over the mother mountain. Two nights ago we were standing on Standing Indian Mountain. We walk up to the ancient stone wall to listen more. We place ourselves on the high standing stones positioned in the curves of the stone walls. We stand like high priestesses and imagine the ancestors who also stood here and the maidens, mothers and crones who climbed the mother mountain to climb upon these mighty stones.

This great wall made by unknown indians for an unknown purpose with the solstice sun rising and setting directly over them. We stand and listen and imagine. WalkingFire and I have our experiences. I hope you will ask her one day what she saw and heard. I hope you will ask me one day what I saw and heard. We stayed. We lingered. We made high priestess decrees. We sang the Cherokee Morning Blessing Song. We howled for our sisters. We walked the path reciting the prayer, “once in the month and better it be when the moon is full, you shall assemble in some secret place and to these I will teach things that are yet unknown".

We broke open our hearts and let the old and the new in. The mystery we touched and welcomed it to touch us. The yet unknown we welcomed. Feel me. I am preserving in my heart and soul space for all things sacred.

We are walking this great land of ours and ever deeper is the imprint in my soul. I make more stone altars and we leave our blessing on the mountain as we descend and travel onward. Feel me. I feel you…

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