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MSC Blue Moon on Radiant Aging

Imbolc ~ February 2, 2019

The Holyland

Aging is happening…and it’s happening to us! So we decided to tackle the subject. And we are willing to share a glimpse of our wisdom with you! There were things we acted out, role played and there were arm wavings and demonstratives that helped us see and feel options and how to make adjustments to natural decline with a bit of laughter and heaps of gratitude for breaking the silence and naming the issues. It was up close and personal and for that part….you would have had to have been there.



Tabitha Hall/Spirit Wind Rider

Yo Nv/He Bear Lackey

Sister Joy Stella

Maya Windfeather

Peace Willow



A focus on decline

The mental shift towards “getting old” vs “positive aging”

Increased risk of dying if loss of partner/pet

Going to bed early before nightfall

Getting up early before sunrise

Disrupted patterns of sleep

Lack of time outdoors

Isolation - feeling exposed/embarrassed/fearing a loss of independence

Too much is too much - sounds/noise/movement/people

Slower to heal - physically/emotionally

Assessment/Acceptance/Giving up on health; hopelessness/pre-occupation with health/ Giving up/loss of will decline


Decreased modesty

Letting go of taboos


Shrinking socialization

Signs are slow and insidious deterioration

Resistance to change

Emotional distress with the interruption of habits and patterns

Self-image/Identity - Harder to appear the same as before

Loss of Identity examples:

no longer ski the black diamond

no longer host large family gatherings

Loss of sense of purpose

Increased anxiety



Bitter or better

Gifts that you have to dust, feed, water, or otherwise take care of, are burdens



Shuffling gate

Shorter steps

The lateral arch of the foot rolls under

Shallower breath



Lack of mobility

Decreased hydration

Prolapsed bladder

Prolapsed uterus


Skin pigment change

Varicose or spider veins

Mental rigidity - harder to accept new ideas

Loss of sight

Loss of hearing


Slower movement

Harder to think or feel positive


Anxiousness - being alone/alone in decision-making

Reduction in activity



Decreased libido in men

Aching upon awakening


Increased frequency of urination

Loss of teeth

Less temperature tolerant

Get colder

Slower metabolism

Decreased circulation

Decreased or inability to get up and down from the floor/from the chair/from the bed/from toilet A shortening of stature

Decreased balance

Increase in core rigidity

Decreased hygiene

Decreased bathing

Decreased strength

Thinning skin

Bones break easier

Voice - gets weak & crackly/tone changes


Worry over weight

Decreased appetite

Decreased nutritious food

Decrease of intake while feeding others

Toast and crackers

Keeping moldy/old food - “Don’t waste the food”

Food on face/clothing


Loss of independence

What will happen to me?

Who will take care of me?

Worry over money/resources - Shelter/Food/Heirs

Driving - Weather/cold/dark/alone


Losing one’s mind

Somebody took something…

Hiding things


Distrust of people, including family members



Inability to see options


Wisdom… hopefully

Maturity… hopefully

Wise Elder… hopefully

Increased life experience

Role model

Kids grow up

Kids move out… hopefully

Kids become self-sufficient… hopefully


Further on the path

See wider opportunities

Urgency to live now


Reassessing what is truly of value

Time shifts - It feels like time goes faster

More spiritually tuned in

More in the present

Slowing as a positive - to reflect, to observe, to still, to be



Word medicine

Wimyn’s libido increases

No pregnancy post-menopause

Time is valued over things

“I like it! I NO like it!” - no justifications/no excuses/no dancing to keep the peace.


Daily Anti-Aging Actions


Soften the face. Especially when listening or talking

Yoga or stretching

Down ups: get up and down from the floor

Kegels/mula bandha/Jade Egg

Breathe: breath creates space in the body/time/mind

Soft slow deep breath/pause/relax/breathe in more… at least three times

Breathe if worried or anxious

Slow breaths before sleep and upon awakening

Three minute meditation

Take time to get a little more here and a little less there

Focus on one task at a time - i.e walking on ice/going up and down stairs

Make your last thought of the day a positive thought

Drink a cup of water upon awakening. Hydrate throughout the day.


Eat something deeply nourishing i.e. superfoods: cacao, maca, coconut oil, wild,dark greens, vegetables, nutritive teas, seeds and nuts

Ask the state of your soul on a daily basis

Look up at the stars

Honor the Sacred

Time outside

Don’t use hands to get up from chair/toilet

Engage with something that you are interested in


Brush and floss teeth

Ask “What do I need right now?”

Do something creative

Quiet time/alone time


Welcome instinct/intuition/self-knowing

Increases gratitude

Keep a sense of purpose

Maintain a connection with people

Use our voice: Chanting/vocalization/singing

Foot massage - rub your feet; stretch the toes, rub the lateral edges. Don’t forget to use oil.

Build and maintain balance.


Touch/skin to skin

Sleep 7-8 hours/nap when needed

Meaningful dialogue

Live and grow our dreams


Speak up! Authentic, honest truth!

Honor the self.

Be our own best friend.


Invest in family, friends, and community

No Rushing. If we have to rush something, don’t rush the self care.

Long Range Anti-Aging Actions

Walk with your pack

Footcare: Keep toenails clipped and cuticles pushed back.

Handcare: clip fingernails and push cuticles back.


Merge our own self-images/identities and become more transparent

Become more transparent with the right people

Avoid poor bargains

Avoid over committing

Know thyself

Be around vibrant older people

Be around vibrant younger people

Assess flexibility - especially in pelvis and lateral edge of feet

What we can do one day, we can do the next day

Re-evaluate daily anti-aging actions

Frequently assess flexibility in our perspectives and attitudes.

Practice flexibility with change.

Learn what doesn’t work any longer and make adjustments.

Gather and feast with family/community. What we show up for grows and keeps going.

Have a sense of belonging

Have a sense of purpose

Right timing is important; so is not missing an opportunity

Appreciate and be grateful for things that we value

Participate in the things we treasure


Girlfriends (Girlfriends help you live longer whether you are a girl or a boy says Harvard)

Explore things we are interested in.

Bear our karma cheerfully (unless we need to kick ass!)

Build bridges.

Do not burn bridges.

How do we want things to end? Not just our lives.

Explore options for leaving on good terms.

Allow others to leave in a way that they can come back.

Have a sense of humor.

Have a burial ground. Know your resting place.

Some of us need rituals

Having a place to release things that are dead, dying, or lost i.e. fire circle

Healthy Cleanses

Queen’s Jewel - Review your gratitude, undermining, and visioning.

Ideas for learning a new thing to create new neuro-pathways

Any change could be positive to lay down new neuro-pathways vs. learning something based on something we already know:

A new language






Team sports

Chess or boardgames

Crossword puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles

Doing things alone

Sharing your skills

Queen’s Jewel


Over-Committing or unrealistic commitment robs us of radiant aging because it leads to:

  • bitterness

  • isolation

  • lying

  • secrecy

  • hiding

  • loss of freedom

  • resentment

  • dark thoughts/negative thoughts

  • exhaustion

  • hopelessness

  • withering soul and a huge karmic debt

For the aged, change leads to emotional disturbance; Which leads to mental confusion; Which leads to paranoia; Which leads to dementia; Which leads to loss of freedom.

Dichotomy: We started to notice that there are two co-existing opposites i.e. seeing wider opportunities/not seeing options. A desire to expand/decrease in activities, More patient (i.e. with a child or cleanliness)/intolerance. Repeatedly, it was an “on the one hand…and on the other” revelation.

  • Radiant aging is fun and possible with radical self-care, powerful sisterhood, and more Blue Moons for staying with the process and the plan! It ain’t for weak wishing!

Areas yet to be explored





Submitted by MorningStar & WalkingFire

Two wild witches in a little cottage in the woods under an Aquarian New Moon!


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