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Radiant Aging – for Wimyn

A group of powerful Goddess aware wimyn gathered before the 2019 Wild Womyn Spring Retreat on the Holyland to focus the Radiant Aging dialogue personal to being born a womyn. What can be spoken and shared is here, as it was there, and to be continued.

  • We need sisters, girlfriends, like minded crones – a sacred Sisterhood

  • We need Yoni health and Yoni knowing.

  • Stay Sexual, Express sexuality, Begin if you haven’t.

  • Whatever will make you feel sexual, do that.

  • Regarding a decision to make, ask pussy. Listen to the sensations in the yoni.

  • Not doing it because you are somebody’s wife, lover, mistress, whatever.

  • Stay true to self and natural rhythms.

  • Sunshine on the yoni.

  • Safe spaces for being nude even in sacred circles like Spa Castle.

  • Jade egg, diverse kegels, bandha locks, yoga.

  • Let the senses grow in sensuality with water, towel, sun, inversions, etc.

  • Herbal clothes or herbal spritz.

  • Oil vs soap or oil based soaps for the body.

  • Natural oils for sexual intercourse (i.e. coconut oil).

  • Peppermint oil (in a carrier oil) on labia that thins, tears or has fibrous tissue.

  • Sauna and sweating daily

  • Sunshine on Naked skin

  • Address issues with our tissues

  • Protect those 10,000 nerve endings

  • Increase blood flow to the yoni/pelvis

  • If it’s not a HELL YES, the answer is no.

  • I want to. I don’t want to. I like it. I no like it.

  • Me first.

  • Foods/Herbs

  1. Nettles

  2. Red Raspberry

  3. Red Closer

  4. Chaste Berry

  5. Eat something green and wild especially in the spring

  6. Chamomile

  7. Valerian

  8. Holy Basil

  9. Decrease sugar

  10. Increase emollient foods, iron rich food, clean water, nutritive teas, chlorophyll

  • Go around peers. People who know/knew life as you know/knew it.

  • Relax your facial muscles – not scowling or face of fright.

  • Companion pets - consider it.

  • Find and patch the radiant leaks.

  • Respect the power of mind. Of thought.

  • Practice. Toe. Spreading.

  • Walk in Nature and uneven terrain.

  • Not apologizing for being a womyn.

  • Not apologizing for being at the stage we are in.

  • Knowing when to speak our truth or not waste our breath.

  • Shared projects.

  • Shared laughter.

  • Sheilamagigs.

  • Allowing the higher and ascending vibration beyond ovulation to unite aging wimyn.

  • Claiming ourselves and centering ourselves in the priestess role.

  • Skin, eye, teeth, foot and bone health – need more details.

  • Stop pee during urination.

  • Don’t forget our up/downs

  • Sometimes it takes raging adiently to Age Radiantly!

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