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2019 Womyn Empowerment Award...

Here she be! Tory Kassabaum mother of Orella and beloved of Tony. She faced her fears and birthed a healthy first she-cub at home! She also birthed a new found she-wolf power and is loving a radiant radical motherhood. Her splendor reaches far beyond the heavens! May the name of Tory be praised! From the rising of the sun to its setting! May the name of Tory be praised. Welcome dear sister queen! This award is gifted each year in honor of a womyn who has birthed in power against the modern current. It is accompanied with a small Monetary award that is dedicated to advancing the talents and gifts of the mother in a way that helps her sustain and care for her divine child. I am honored to have witnessed the power transformation in Tory from uninitiated to proudly standing in her regal power. Welcome to the elephant circle as we further support wombyn around the world! Join me dear sisterhood in celebrating Queen Tory! Blessed Be. Blessed Do. Sister MorningStar

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