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Power of Wimyn Intensive 2021

Dear Global Sisterhood, Take heart! The wimyn and the wisdom is still gathering. All is not lost. The ancients are still alive in us. We are here for a reason. That reason is part of why you were born. You are the Torch bearer, The Preserver, of all things sacred in your world. Find your path. Find your pack. Rise up and create something fiercely beautiful with your mighty feminine power. Your inner life is meant to shine brighter and brighter powering the creative force that marks your unique imprint in this world - Your world. Our world. The world of Now and Forever More.

Here is a little gift from this years POW Intensive 2021. Take what speaks to your soul and grow it in your village. May the wimyn gather. Down by the river side where the wild flowers grow and the moon shines bright and the wisdom passes from one generation to the next. Those who bleed and do not die - May they gather and find the root of their belonging. It is our honor to share with you here a glimpse of our work.

Here with you still, Mother MorningStar

POW Intensive 2021 ~ Traditional Midwife=Village Midwife ⏩ Preserving the Inner Life of ♀️♀️♀️ throughout their reproductive journey! ~🌟~🌟~🌟~🌟~🌟 🔷️ You don't have to know how the body works for it to work! 🔷️Spiritual is as important as physical 🔷️ How do you watch for and skillfully tend to the soul of a ♀️? 🔷️TM~》 VM ~》= changing who we are on the inside so we can practice differently on the outside. 🔷️ Dreams * Demons * Desires ~》 The inner life of ♀️ 🔷️VM ~》TM ~》 What's Love got to do with it?!? What we know about birth… • birth is awakening, life- direction changing, life work, exciting •birth is unknowable • birth is paradoxical, process, potential • birth is in everything, necessary for all life to bring forth something new that's meant to be + teach, it's in us all • birth is trust energy of (springtime) • birth is physical, natural, spiritual work, lineage work •birth is ancient, mysterious OBSTACLES to practicing what we Believe about birth: 🔷️ • apologizing while pushing ( for being powerful, loved, not caring for others, taking care of decorum ) • expectations • timing • protocols • patriarchy • family dysfunction • tension, conflict, control • lack of support • bodily empowerment • not talking about birth, not processing, not passing wisdom • lack/inability of trending DDD ( by women + care providers) • lack of birth circles • trauma circles • unknown surgical injuries • authority moving from female ➡️ male, home ➡️ hospital • lack of questioning • F4 • visceral memory - unresolved (sexual) trauma of all sorts • stories/lies • DDD •bodily shame •lack of privacy • " checking out" survival mode • media's portrayal of birth • inauthentic • modern lifestyle effect on spine + pelvis • avoiding feelings • attachment to comfort • diet • devices • medicated interrupted birth • accountability-safer in the hospital • fear • unable/ unwilling to hold ordinal accountability • confidence in system • fear of taking responsibility • pleading partner • providers exploiting partnerships • legal pressure • state • being robbed of what's ours • loss of personal power • too much education • Google • missing the links hormonally - how birth affects mothering • not enough deep planning • loss of village • women holding so much responsibility etc... Soul Work

🔷️ Tools Does she have a faith that serves her? What does love have to do with it? Everything What's the hardest thing you've lived through? How? Pay attention to her "word medicine." How do we speak her language? What are her affirmations and mantras? Where is her sisterhood? What is the relationship to your mother? What is your relationship to solitude? How do you deal with pain? How do you deal with sorrow and loss? How do you relate to others? Dream work Eating together is critical. Make time together without partner present. How does she share her excitement? Where does her tension lie and how does she deal with it? Doing our own soul work. Humor, movement, laughter. What is her internal dialogue? Take note of the astrological placements. What is her culture? Does she feel belonging? How does she activate the power of her mind? Observing her patterns. Am I having fun with her? Am I more worried about her situation/ baby than she is? Curse? - Tribal evil. Trauma Bonds? Communication Challenges • Being Apologetic ~》F_ _ _ that Sh-IT! • Negative self Talk - internal predator • Lack of Transparency - talking ASS Backwards! • Lack of clear self knowing & authentically openly owning our own process, style of communication • ASSumed agreements. • Being unaware of word medicine carrying a curse or a blessing. All communication is building or tearing down relationship. ↔️ Trust ⬆️ Relationships ⬇️ options ↔️ Time Tissue Tea • Early wounds, tribal patterns. • *** Not trusting our " Something" - That thing that's there on the inside. *** • Powering Over

TRUTHS • To Grow a Baby ~》 Eat a Baby - the freshest, smallest, tenderest, newest of fruit, veggie, nut, seed, grain, etc. • To feel the Ancients, Wear the ancients - a robe, a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, a stone, an icon, a something... • You can't ride two horses with 1 Ass. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! • Clear the mind and the Ass will follow. • It's all ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's simply not the End. • If there's Room in the ♥️, there's ROOM. • What 1 ♀️ can do, ALL ♀️♀️♀️♀️♀️♀️♀️ can do. • Blessed Be •Blessed Do • Blessed Be

Death of the Native Soul • AVOID IT. • Do The SHADOW WORK. • BREAK THE SILENCE. BE BRAVE . • Perk the EARS. ATune the Senses. SCAN THE TERRAIN. • FIND Your PACK • Build THE INSTINCTS • INSPIRE, Uplift. Encourage. EMpower. Self & Sisters • TEND to the Bones. Call on the ancients. • KNOW where your power is.


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