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World Peace Yoga Retreat 2021!

The Natural Sanctuary of the Holyland and the cozy warmth of Rose Cottage held us as we embraced and nurtured our inner most natures during the 2021 World Peace Yoga Retreat. Some of my favorite moments were learning to chant Veda verses and singing some of our favorite Kirtan melodies. It was very inspiring to see what the couples' yoga created with asana flows and one of the limbs of yogic philosophy as exemplary. We learned some Sanskrit along with a few sutras from Patanjali and leaned in to the discussions about how to live a yogic lifestyle in our relationships, work and sacred inner lives.

Young Yogini Ariel Hall blessed us with soul inspiring chanting and an introduction to goat yoga on the tipi deck under a canopy of autumn trees.

We feasted, took a woodland walk and dreamed of WPYR 2022. Want to join us?


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