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Spiritual Retreat Centre
Welcome! You honor us and The Holyland by considering a personal retreat. Simplicity, sacredness, silence and solitude are the natural elements surrounding our retreat centre, located in the beautiful Ozark foothills of Missouri. We provide and preserve sacred space that honors the well being of our natural environment and the woodland creatures who dwell here. Each season adorns the virgin woods and the cultured gardens with a wealth of beauty and peace. 
A personal, private retreat in nature is a unique opportunity to:
* Commune with the Sacred.
* Rest, Renew, Rebirth, Revitalize and Rejoice.
* Deepen your soul.
* Heal an injured instinct.
Small group retreats are also possible. Community sponsored retreats are by invitation only. All retreatants are asked to spend some time in selfless service to create a sense of belonging to the land.

“May the Simple and Sacred lead us to a more peace-filled planet” Sister MorningStar


Home rules on the Holyland include non-violence, no addictive or abusive behaviors, vegetarianism and a desire to increase one’s capacity to be loving - toward others and toward oneself.


We are proud to offer a special native experience for those wishing to explore, enjoy and find soul renewal within the context of the Native American Tipi Lodge.


Personal retreats are designed and defined individually. 

There are inherent risks in natural environments. Some of those natural risks here in the Ozark can include: inedible or poisonous plants, poisonous snakes or insect, loose rocks, sink holes, high water after rain and wild animals. Wild animals are to be respected and left undisturbed.
For inquiries, further information or to make a reservation, contact Sister MorningStar at or call the retreat centre land line at (573) 348-6288.
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