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2023 MSC Calendar


All activities are held on the Holyland in the Missouri Ozarks unless otherwise indicated.

To schedule MorningStar for teachings, trainings, creating wimyn's circles or village prenatals contact:



March 17-19th - WW Spring Equinox Retreat! The Holyland.

For seasoned retreatants only.

March 28th - April 11th - Teaching At The Well, Wimyn’s Circles and more - Nova Scotia 


May 5th-7th -  Madiens' Retreat - The Holyland

RSVP Required.

June 14-19th - WW Summer Solstice Retreat! The Holyalnd.

New Wimyn welcome with inner-view.

June 20-25th -  Matriarch Rising Festival, (NC)


August 3-4th - HSRC Retreat, Hermitage, (MO)

August 25-27th - Midwives Retreat, (SC) 


August 30-Sept 4th - Radical Birth Keepers, (NC) Teaching

September 21-25th -  Power of Wimyn Intensive. The HolyLand

RSVP Required. 

Every Sunday evening the wimyn gather.  Special Invitation and RSVP Required.

Nightly prayers under the moon

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(same as on homepage)

The Church of Many Nations, a native tribal ceremony is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. The Feminine Mass, a Catholic/Goddess ceremony and Maternal Rosary is celebrated monthly. All are welcome.

Various fund raising events are scheduled each year for MSC.

Please check the website and "Where is MorningStar" front page often!

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