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MorningStar Yoga


MorningStar Yoga classes are rich in personalized attention. Classical yoga recognizes a unique needs of the individual. For this reason each class requires private instruction. There are no group classes. All sessions are taught by MorningStar passing on the beautiful wisdom ways of her teachers Stan Hafner and Johanna Sullivan. World Peace Yoga Retreats are an unique opportunity for students to study and experience yoga within community and are scheduled according to student and world needs. 


Yoga is the ability to focus and direct mental activity ( Patanjali’s Sutra 1:2).  


MorningStar Yoga begins with a simple and sacred meditation using one of the aspects of yoga philosophy as the focus. The following are also incorporated into each private session.


  • Pranayama - conscious breathing

  • Asana - postures and movement

  • Vinyasa Yoga - rhythms or flows of asanas

  • Chants - vedic and/or oral traditions

  • Sanskrit - names of asanas and yogic philosophy

  • Sutras - yogic philosophy

  • Chimes and singing bowl - sacred sound

  • Altars - sacred space

Students wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle, their own mat and meditation cushion. Each private yoga session is offered at MorningStar Spiritual Retreat Centre.


“Yoga is not about what you can do; it is about doing what you can; and with a deep breath, a soft heart and a quiet mind”

~Sister MorningStar


For inquiry or to schedule an introductory class write

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