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Healing Balm ~ Our original Soul Blossom Healing Balm (SBHB) for basic and holistic healing of cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bumps, bruises, bangs, bites, itches, rashes, and post-surgical incisions. For the whole family journey. 

Warming Rub ~ Our SBHB with warming and penetrating qualities for soothing achy muscles and loosening chest congestion.
1 ounce glass jar - $18.00

Lip Balm ~ Our unique SBHB with a touch of Jasmine to soothe & beautify.
1/4 ounce glass jar - $7.00

Shanti ~ An inspiring blend made from thousands of wild crafted wild rose petals along with supporting and healthies blossoms and essential oils. Shanti is an exquisite beauty aid and is also superior as a ceremonial oil. For use in moments of yoga, meditation and moments of prayer. From our heart Chakra to yours.
1 ounce glass bottle - $15.00
4 ounce glass bottle – $30.00

Radiance ~ The Ultimate Body Moisturizer. a marriage of Hawaiian and Indian traditions, this blend of organic coconut and sesame oils and shea butter creates a sleek, radiant body for your ever blooming soul. Infused with sacred feminine essential oils. Used for professional or personal massage hair to toe.
4 ounce plastic jar - $20.00

Refresh ~ Freshens body, mind, soul or space.
4 fluid ounce plastic bottle with atomizer- $12.00

Repel ~ An insect repellent gentle enough for babies.
4 fluid ounce plastic bottle - $12.00

Relief ~ For relief of bites, stings, itches, whelps, rashes or for cleansing spray.
4 fluid ounce glass bottle with atomizer - $20.00

Ceremonial Altar Stone with Meditation Oil ~ A natural and native form of aromatherapy. The altar stone is heart fully selected from the live Missouri streams. Placed in the warming sun rays settling on your home or travel altar and anointed with a drop of Meditation Oil, your altar stone becomes a natural source of aromatherapy and carries your blessing and intention forward. 

Various Native Shapes and Sizes with 1/4 ounce glass jar Meditation Oil - $15.00

Ceremonial Smudge Sticks ~ Made from Holyland grown sage and lavender. Gathered, designed, created, and blessed for use in purification ceremonies or perfect for any altar. Request Lavender or Sage. Seasonally available
Small - $4.50
Medium - $7.00
Large - $11.00

Ceremonial Lavender Bouquets ~ We fell in love with these when we began gifting them for weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, showers, housewarmings or any moment to say, "Congratulations! and may your Soul Blossom!" Seasonally available.
Small - $7.00
Medium - $9.00

Consider a visit or personal retreat!  Soul Blossom proceeds are a part of our little cottage industry to support the holywork of MorningStar Community.

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