Raising Instinctual Children

Raising Instinctual Children is equal to raising free children. It can be fun and easy. Children do most of the work. They need immersion in nature and a sense of belonging. Without nature they suffer from nature deficit disorder leading to instinct injury and over domestication and the ultimate breakdown of self and society.

If you feel you are instinct injured or live with nature deficit disorder, reach out. Read some of the authors and leaders on our resource page. Gather with like minded parents and talk about your misgivings, concerns, doubts and desires. First and foremost, take your child into nature and observe their free movement. The child will show you the way back to your own instinctual nature and a way to live easy in your skin.

MorningStar Community is dedicated to supporting families and creating a world where children have equal rights and access to basic human rights including a deep sense of belonging, natural birth and wellness options, respectful home environments, support of individualized education, easy access to nature, community, creative expression, the right to voice, vote, vocation, view and the right to develop to their fullest potential.

The Emancipation of Children is a Human Rights Issue.

Nature's goal for every child is thriving maturity.
As for your child, it is not too late.

Children have the drive to pursue life with vigor. Even when told no and threatened with harsh punishment, they will sneak out, climb out, burrow out, buddy up, leave home, leave town to seek freedom. Deep in their bones they know freedom is what makes all things possible. Without it, the soul shrinks, the body withers, creation dies, the light in the eyes become distant, empty of the merriment natural to the state of a thriving young creature.


Society is changing, a big shift is underway.

When you start the day, don't rush the transition from their world to your world.  Give eye contact.  Give a warm hug.  Ask them how they slept and if there were any dreams. When you speak to them, say their name.  Slow down, squat down, reach down and don't rush.  Soon they will be grown.  The day you rushed through will be the day you long to relive.  Instinctual living is what makes raising instinctual children fun and easy.  

Raising Instinctual Children - Children Into Nature.                             Join us.

Write to sister@sistermorningstar.com to schedule an experiential forum.  

Meanwhile, trust your instincts.

Respect your child's instincts.  

Love your child.  

Love yourself first.  


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In our modern world, it is not easy to let what is natural be natural – to honor a knowing that existed before we did. It is even more difficult to preserve it. If it is not preserved within us, it will not be preserved in our families and communities, our policies, our hospitals, our schools or our nations. Most importantly, it becomes lost to our future generations.


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“I promise to live, in ever growing awareness, a life of simplicity; to give more than I take and to quiet the mind to single and simple purpose; to live with the knowledge that I am the temporary guardian of all I possess and to stand ready to share when love calls.”


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