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Words of Simplicity, from a place of Clarity, for the Sacredness of all.



To say that we honor the wildish nature is to say that we find sacred and encourage in our selves and our kinsters the ways of instinctive knowing, of inner growth and spiritual expansion, of innate community building, and the passing on of wisdom through ritual and storytelling.

Under the sun, the moon and the stars we preserve and protect the simple and sacred through instinctual living, educational experiences, wellness therapies, spiritual direction and personal disciplines.

We strive to express our Divine Love purely, instinctively, abundantly, richly, with grand enthusiasm and without hesitation.  Our community goes beyond debate and into living. We concern ourselves with the application of the Simple and Sacred, using it as our practical guide. We acknowledge that each individual must live intimately with the results of a decision, which is our inherent and basic human right.  We support and encourage research, education, projects and future visioning which promote the global viability of the following:

Home Birth – Simple and sacred birth under a tree, under the stars, or birth in a horse trough. A mother has the inherent right to choose where and with whom she will birth her baby.

Home Education – Organic learning encourages the development of instinct, intuition, and innate intelligence. Every child’s primary learning environment is their home.

Home Health – Wellness Therapies include breath, movement, rest, pure water, fresh foods and natural medicines for restoring balance and maintaining health.

Home Worship – We use nature, sacred fire, stone altars, silence, solitude, ritual, ceremony and traditions for grief or celebration. Simple and sacred worship keeps the soul of an individual and community alive.

Home Death – We pray for a gentle passage for ourselves and those we love as we walk on.  First and last breaths are so important to us that we created our own burial grounds. For us, instinctual living is from birth unto death and everything in between.

Burial Grounds -

After two decades of preserving simple and sacred birth we began to ponder how to attend to our dying and dead. Instinctual living includes instinctual dying.  Birth and death are both natural passages. We wanted to bring sacredness to the last breathe as well as the first breathe. But how?


For this reason and many others, we created Burial Grounds. The process involved learning the legal and fullest extent of our freedom around the issue of with whom, how and where we can breath our last and then who must be notified and where we can be put to rest. Our burial grounds, like all of The Holyland, is a sacred part of our Instinctual Living Vision. He Bear, of our Bear Council which oversees the care and purpose of the Burial Grounds, wrote a ballad that we sing when we work the land or tend the sacred fire for the prayers of those who have walked on. Here is that ballad and we offer it to you as inspiration to live boldly the vision of your heart and soul.

Our vision and philosophy guide us in our mission work. We give a bit more of our wealth; our time, our money, our energy and our love to help make the world a better place, especially for the most vulnerable, weak, young, old, lonely, alone, sick or scared among us.  Reclaiming and rebuilding wise and instinctual life within spiritual community is our way of affirming world peace and global solidarity. It links us to our ancestors and the next generation. We encourage you to follow your instinctual wisdom.

Visit our Spiritual Retreat Centre page to learn more and share the journey.

What one womyn can do, all wimyn can do. ~ Sister MorningStar

Basic Disaster Birth Support Training

This training is for all citizens, not just birth keepers. BDBS prepares us to be the calm and knowledgeable support for a birthing mother when circumstances prevent her from reaching her planned site of birth. Did you know that simple actions like privacy, warmth, dim lighting and keeping baby in mother's arms with cord attached can save lives? If you or your group of colleagues or friends are interested in this training or Physiological Resuscitation of the Newborn or the EmerGently birth guide, please feel welcomed to contact sister morningstar with questions or to schedule a training.

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