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Emilee Saldaya  
Free Birth Society
Spiritual Pilgrimage 

The Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Holy Mother, La Virgin de San Juan de Los Lagos, is hundreds of years old. Some say the pilgrimage pre-dates colonization. Beginning from the little village of Atotonilco, we walked 9 days.  Over mountains and crossing streams along side children, elders, babies in rebozo, toddlers on shoulders and the devoted carrying crosses, banners and icons, all the while chanting and singing. We began walking in the early morning hours before dawn; fireworks announcing the movement of the pilgrims.  We left with a group of about 8,000 and arrived with nearly two million. Here is a glimpse of the journey in 2016. May the great love that carried us within this sea of humanity bring a miracle to you who behold these 100,000 images.
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In our modern world, it is not easy to let what is natural be natural – to honor a knowing that existed before we did. It is even more difficult to preserve it. If it is not preserved within us, it will not be preserved in our families and communities, our policies, our hospitals, our schools or our nations. Most importantly, it becomes lost to our future generations.


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