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I am a story teller and preserver of sacred feminine wisdom ways. Remember I live in a little cottage in the woods. Perhaps you will join me one day on The Holyland. Until then, this will help. Join me under the moon every night. We are wimyn and mothers beyond borders. We are the preservers of all things sacred in our world. 


Sister MorningStar's Song Bundle is now available 'Wild Womyn Medicine Chants'. This is a variety of feminine-power medicine songs for your wimyns circles, birthing, rituals and gatherings.Bringing power back one song at a time.  

Blog Series

The Mystical Life of Birth 

Education, Inspiration, and
MorningStar Word-Medicine

Preserving Sacred Last Breaths 

Ancient Wisdom Ways, Rituals,
Prayers, Ceremony

Where is MorningStar - 2023?


June 14-19th - WW Summer Solstice Retreat! The Holyalnd. New Wimyn welcome with inner-view.

June 20-25th -  Matriarch Rising Festival, (NC)


July 2nd - Birth-Loss Healing-Circle,  HolyLand

RSVP Required.

August 3-4th - HSRC Retreat, Hermitage, (MO)

August 6th - Ice cream social, 30-year HolyLand Anniversary & My 70th Birthday Celebration! 

August 25-27th - Carolina Birth Junkies Conference, (SC) Teaching

Click Here for Details

August 30-Sept 4th - Radical Birth Keepers, (NC) Teaching

September 21-25th -  Power of Wimyn Intensive. The HolyLand, RSVP Required. 

September 29th-October 1st -  Community Retreat and 30-Year Celebration

The HolyLand


August & September - France, Spain, Portugal - Campo Stella - Pilgrimage (TBA)

Every Sunday evening the wimyn gather.  Special Invitation and RSVP Required.

Nightly prayers under the moon

To schedule MorningStar for teachings, trainings, creating wimyn's circles or village prenatals contact:

See also MSC calendar

(same as MSC on menu tab)

May the Simple and Sacred lead you...

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